Te koop - Cabrinha Moto kites


Beschikbaar vanaf oktober 2022:

6m van € 1409,- voor € 925,-
8m van € 1509,- voor € 995,-
10m van € 1659,- voor € 1095,-

Bar: € 390,-

De MOTO is een freeride crossover kite ontworpen voor diverse vaarstijlen en geschikt voor de beginnende kite tot de gevorderde kiter. Met zijn 3 strut lichtgewicht design heeft de MOTO een goede low-end.

– Nano Ripstop doek, de nieuwe benchmark in duurzaamheid,  stabiliteit en reactievermogen. Dubbele sterkte, hetzelfde gewicht.

– Geoptimaliseerde Dacron lay-out voor minder gewicht en  verbeterde handlingkenmerken

– High Tenacity Dacron voor verbeterde stabiliteit

– Strategisch geplaatst Nano Ripstop doek.

– Pure Profile Panels voor efficiënte aerodynamica

– Bridle systeem zonder pully’s

– Lichte bar druk, stuurt snel

– 3 strut lichtgewicht design

– Snelle re-launch

he Cabrinha Moto 2022 is the most all-round kite from Cabrinha in the kitesurfing range. Whether you want to cruise, hydrofoil, jump or start wave riding: the Cabrinha Moto 2022 will help you on your way. An ideal kite for the novice kitesurfer or the kitesurfer who does not want to specialize in just one discipline.

The Cabrinha Moto 2022 is a true friend to everyone, from beginner to pro. Due to the light bar pressure, fast relaunch and its large depower range, the Moto is really focussed at making rapid progress in all kitesurfing disciplines. The three strut design of the Moto ensures a relatively light weight, so that this kite can also be used for hydrofoil and wave kite surfing in addition to feeride and big air. The combination of a light bar pressure and the direct steering behavior makes it possible for everyone to keep control of the Cabrinha Moto 2022 under all circumstances. To add extra control and stability to the Moto, Cabrinha has used the Pure Arc Segments and Pure Profile Segments, just like in all other kites. This is a way of building kites that is unique to Cabrinha. The Cabrinha kites are made up of several segments lying in line, making the kites super aerodynamic. A more aerodynamic kite is more stable in the air and gives you more confidence to go out in even the most extreme conditions.

Like the other kites from Cabrinha, the Moto 2022 is made of super strong and durable Nano Ripstop canopy. Nano ripstop is four times as strong and less elastic than the double ripstop canopy that Cabrinha used before this. The pulley-less bridle system of the Cabrinha Moto 2022 ensures the direct steering behavior and a large depower range of the Moto, so you can ride this kite for a super long time. The tips of the Cabrinha Moto 2022 contain various adjustment options to be able to adjust the Moto exactly to your demands.

In short, are you looking for a kite with which you can discover all disciplines of kitesurfing? Don’t want to commit to one discipline. Then the Cabrinha Moto 2022 is definitely a kite for you!